How can you benefit from geothermal energy systems?

Here is how you can benefit by installing a geothermal energy system in your home or commercial building.

Cost-saving Option

Compared to any standard heating and air conditioning system, geothermal systems operate with more efficiency to help you in saving a considerable amount on your heating and cooling requirements. Such systems tap the absorbed earth energy and consume less electricity.

Clean, Green and Eco-friendly Way to Enjoy Comfort

Geothermal technology works efficiently to offer ultimate comfort by improving air quality. With geothermal systems, you can make sure that your family dwells in a safe and healthy home environment and that your employees work in a clean and healthier atmosphere.


The standard outdoor air conditioners and heat pumps are noisier than geothermal condensers. On the other hand, geothermal systems operate more quietly given that no outdoor condensers are necessary and since energy is picked up from the ground directly and transferred into an indoor condenser.

Less Maintenance and Longer Lifespan

Since they are installed indoor, geothermal systems are not exposed to inclement weather conditions or other improbable causes. As a result, equipments need less maintenance and last much longer.

Klimfax offers six different types of geothermal energy systems for all your heating and cooling needs. We are the most reliable choice for geothermal system installation in the greater Montreal. Call us or email us to discuss your home’s requirements with one of our technical advisors.


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