DX Efficiency and Versatility

Pleasant and Comfortable Temperature Year-Round, with Direct Expansion DX Geothermal Systems

Klimfax offers Direct Expansion or DX geothermal installation service in the greater Montreal. We have installed DX geothermal systems in hundreds of properties, including residential and commercial buildings.

DX geothermal energy is a breakthrough technology which allows you to enjoy in a comfortable indoor temperature in the summer as well as winter months.

DX geothermal systems offered by Klimfax come with the following benefits.

  • Our DX geothermal energy systems are 75 percent more cost-efficient than the conventional heating and air conditioning systems.
  • Such systems are smaller in size, easier to use and install and they require low maintenance.
  • Direct expansion geothermal provides consumers with multiple installation options catering to the requirements of a new construction or an existing building.
  • High performance is guaranteed whether you connect it to a forced air ventilation system, domestic hot water system, hydronic radiant floors, or old hot water radiators.
    Implementation of the latest technology ensures higher efficiency during operation that need high temperatures.

  • Diagnosis may even be performed remotely by a data acquisition card connected to the Internet.
  • Equipped with multi-purpose units, Klimfax’s DX geothermal systems offer efficient operation and ultimate comfort in radiant floor applications and forced-air systems.
  • Our technicians apply diagonal, vertical and horizontal drilling technology to dig geothermal wells and use copper earth loops rather than plastic pipes for enhanced efficiency.
  • By digging small wells measuring up to 3 inches and only 100’ deep, our technicians and equipments ensure that there is less damage to your property.

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