How does a geothermal system work?

Whether there is scorching heat during the summer months or extreme cold in the winter period, the ground temperature remains quite stable year round as 47 percent of the sun heat is absorbed by the ground. This heat or energy is tapped through an earth loop by a geothermal energy system to fulfill heating and cooling requirements. With a geothermal energy system installed, you can control temperature in your home or office and enjoy a comfortable atmosphere year long.

Geothermal Heating

A geothermal heat pump works by extracting heat absorbed by the ground using an earth loop. The heat is then moved indoors and propelled inside the building as warm air through a conventional forced-air duct system or as hot water through a water radiant system.

Geothermal Cooling

A geothermal heat pump moves indoor heat from the inside building and stores it back in the ground. Additionally, the heat removed from inside the building can also be used to efficiently heat domestic hot water, or other parts of the building that require heat, even as far as for a swimming pool. . The extracted indoor heat gets back into the earth loop or can be utilized for preheating the any water in a hot water tank.

geothermal system installations

Ground source heat pumps move heat to and from the earth by circulating fluid through the earth loop.
Geothermal systems offered by Klimfax are equipped with the Direct Expansion or DX technology which is currently the most effective technology for geothermal system installations. This technology enables the tapping of the energy with copper pipes instead of traditional plastic pipings. Copper pipes or copper earth loops move the heat and transfer it conveniently. Compared to plastic pipes, copper piping adds to the efficiency of DX geothermal systems and require smaller earth loops.

Klimfax is the leader in geothermal system installation in the greater Montreal. Reach us today to install the most advanced, energy and cost saving geothermal systems in your own residence or commercial building.


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