New Constructions and Existing Buildings

Geothermal energy systems can be considered for installation in both new and existing building structures. The installation is hassle-free and affordable, offering you stable temperature control throughout the year.

New Construction

Installing geothermal systems in your new home is one of the most cost-efficient and safest decisions you can make to ensure your family can inhale healthy, clean and renewed air. This is also an important step to improve the environment.

If you are interested in availing our geothermal installation service Montreal, we suggest you the following steps to make the most of your new geothermal technology.

Existing Construction

In case you are planning to replace your current heating or cooling system with a geothermal system, there is nothing to fret about, since the installation process is extremely easy when a replacement is needed. The existing ductwork facilitates the process.

If no existing system is installed in your home or building, Klimfax offers you complete turnkey solutions to realize the best possible investment in your home or business.

For an efficient and eco-friendly way of living, go for Klimfax’s geothermal heating and cooling products. Contact us today.


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