Geothermal Heating and Cooling Systems Offered by Klimfax


Vertical direct expansion DX
geothermal system (very high efficiency)

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Horizontal direct expansion DX
geothermal system (very high efficiency)

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Antifreeze vertical
closed-loop geothermal system

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Open-loop geothermal system

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Antifreeze closed-loop
horizontal geothermal system

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Hybrid geothermal
system (AIR or Geothermal)

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We have acquired all the design and installation certifications for each of these systems. Using a small drilling equipment, our technicians make sure that there is the least damage possible to your landscape while drilling geothermal wells. They also ensure that you have easy access to the drilling point. Our expert technicians are trained to the industry standards and have years of experience to provide flawless service.


Compared to traditional heating and cooling systems, DX geothermal systems are 70 percent more cost-efficient than any other solutions. Such a system helps to make environment cleaner, greener and uses the ground as renewable source of energy. So, it is worth going for geothermal system installation. Klimfax can be your ideal partner for the installation of eco-friendly, cost-saving and energy-efficient geothermal systems.


If you have any questions regarding the use of geothermal technologies or wish to benefit from our direct expansion technologies, you can talk to one of our technical advisors. Your can contact us by phone or email.

Our Four-Step Process

We have designed a simple, four-step process to get an renewable energy system for your property.

Home Evaluation

Your system of renewable energy of our partners is built specifically for your home,taking into consideration your space limitations, geography and energy saving goals.

System Design

Our systems are installed by our qualified technicians.


Unlike most geothermal technologies, Our systems allow for a non-disruptive installation process. The equipment is smaller, the yard space needed is minimal and customers should not suffer from a heating and cooling delay.

Service and Maintenance

For your protection,we provide warranties on our products and labor. Should you require service, our technicians are available to assess your needs and serve you quickly and efficiently.